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Welcome to Vayu Spa.  Whether you seek rejuvenation, relaxation, invigoration, or relief from pain and stress, collaborate with us and your intention will become ours.  Through therapeutic, skilled massage and uniquely designed treatments, we attempt to fulfill your every need. A partnership in health and wellness, Vayu Spa and you.  The best us for the best you.


"The body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care."

- Buddha

Release, Relax, Unwind

About us:

The sanskrit word Vayu (Vie-you) means air or wind.  A vital element from which life is made, by which life is maintained.  With you, surrounding you, sustaining you, Vayu...  

Established by Roberta Dziugaite and Meghan McDaniel, Vayu Spa is the realization of a dream come true;  a collective for positive change in body and mind.  With each massage, treatment, and interaction, we strive to achieve our mission: to inspire and fulfill the pursuit of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness in individuals and communities through the provisions of customized massage, education, and community engagement. To provide a nest where the body can rest and recharge.

Without further ado, we present to

Roberta Dziugaite, LMT (MT010978): 

Roberta was born and raised in Panevėžys, Lithuania.  She has a heart for helping all living beings, big or small, significant (in the food chain) or not. She grew up spending time with friends and family experiencing Eastern European saunas, Platza massage, and healing rituals traditional of pagan lore.  It is her love for promotion of well-being combined with her knowledge of healing practices that brought her to a career in massage therapy.   She completed her massage therapist education at the Atlanta School of Massage, receiving certifications in Swedish and deep tissue therapy, neuromuscular therapy, spa therapies, reflexology, and seated massage.  Since becoming a massage therapist, Roberta has worked in several of Atlanta's most well-respected spas, chiropractic offices, and with professional athletes.  Roberta has always been amongst the most requested therapists in all of her places of employ.  This is as a result of her ability to listen to not only what a guest requests, but also what the body needs in her intuitive approach to delivering the perfect experience each time.  Because of her inquiring mind and her need to help people to the best of her ability, Roberta has completed additional training in Ashiatsu, aromatherapy, and Reiki. As a licensed massage therapist, Roberta is excited to promote health and wellness in others through therapeutic bodywork.  When she is not practicing as a massage therapist, she can be found saving tiny baby, innocent snails along their paths crossing the beltline after the rain. 

Meghan McDaniel, PT, DPT, LMT (MT010972):

Meghan McDaniel is both a physical therapist and massage therapist. Growing up as an athlete and witnessing countless injuries, collisions, and other calamities on and off the playing field, Meghan knew she wanted to be involved in the medical field. She received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health at Clemson University and her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Duke University.  (Go Tigers and Devils, respectively!) After having worked as a physical therapist for many years, Meghan realized she wanted to expand upon her career (and away from the dictates of insurance companies) and become a massage therapist.  She completed her massage therapist education at Atlanta School of Massage with certifications in Swedish and deep tissue therapy, neuromuscular therapy, spa therapies, reflexology, and seated massage.  She has had continued education in functional mobilization, myofascial release, and Ashiatsu.  She combines her unique skills as both a physical therapist and massage therapist to provide custom, client-centered bodywork.  Meghan believes, "Touching hands are not like pharmaceuticals or scalpels.  They are like flashlights in a darkened room.  The medicine they administer is self-awareness.  And for many of our painful conditions, this is the aid that is most urgently needed"(Juhan, Deane).

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Menu of Services:


Vayu Signature Massage

A custom bodywork experience designed with your goals in mind.  After consultation, the therapist will curate your massage using a combination of modalities from the more flowing/relaxing to the deeper/more targeted approaches, based on your needs. Complimentary aromatherapy included 


30 min - $75, 60 min - $110, 90 min - $155, 120 min - $200

Ashiatsu Massage

Experience the deepest, most luxurious massage, as your therapist uses a combination of hands and feet to unwind deep-seated tension in overworked and overstretched muscle tissue.  

90 min - $165, 120 min - $210

CBD Massage

Our Vayu Signature Massage coupled with Cause + Medic CBD massage oil, body butter, and pain cream designed to further soothe tired, overworked muscles.   


60 min - $130, 90 min - $175, 120 min - $220

Hot Stone Massage

Enhance the sense of well-being with the combination of massage, thermal basalt stones, and/or Himalayan salt therapies.  Heated stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands to soothe, warm, and relax aching muscles.


60 min - $130, 90 min - $175, 120 min - $220

Pre-Natal/Post-Natal Massage

Enjoy this rejuvenating full body massage providing special attention to areas prone to additional stress.  A journey dedicated to the celebration of the unique needs of individuals during/after pregnancy.  Embrace the opportunity to comfortably and safely lie on your stomach with supportive equipment. 

*Pre-Natal Massage reserved for those in the second and third trimesters only* 


60 min - $110, 90 min - $155, 120 min - $200

Couples Massage

Celebrate love and friendship by sharing this amazing experience with someone for whom you care deeply. Relax side by side in the presence of each other as you receive massages in our couples suite.  

Prices are per couple:

60 min - $240, 90 min - $330, 120 min - $420

Four Hands Massage

Four hands, three hearts, one intention...YOU.    Let your mind and body fall to ease while two massage therapists work in tandem to provide a unique and relaxing experience.  Head to toe rejuvenation is ensured during your full body massage while creating a sense of calm and stillness of the body, mind and spirit. Complimentary aromatherapy included.

Thai Massage

Find freedom within during this unique Eastern modality that combines rhythmic stretching and pressure point stimulation to improve muscular tension and energetic flow.  Your therapist will gently move your body through a series of dance-like yogic motions to relieve discomfort, increase flexibility, and induce a deeply restorative state. Oft referred to as “lazy man’s yoga”.

The treatment is performed with the guest fully clothed while lying on a Thai floor mat. We recommend wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing to maximize the benefits of this treatment. 

60 min - $220, 90 min - $310

60 min - $110, 90 min - $150

Coming Soon
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle, detoxifying technique performed by a certified professional to enhance the movement of lymphatic fluid. Involves light stimulation of the lymphatic system to reduce body/limb swelling. This treatment can be especially helpful after an injury, surgery, and/or a period of


*This is a very light modality and does not affect the underlying musculature, as typical massage does* 

30 min - $85, 60 min - $120

90 min - $165, 120 min - $210

Vayu Signature Massage + Manual Lymphatic Drainage

An experience that combines both our Vayu Signature Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  For those interested in a more traditional massage with the added benefit of improved lymphatic flow.

90 min - $165, 120 min - $210

Add-On Services
Purchase a massage package

Enhance time:

- Hot stones - $20

- Cupping - $15

- CBD Pain Cream Spot Treatment - $10

- CBD Full Body Treatment - $20

- Knesko Face Mask - $30

- Knesko Eye Mask (under eye) - $15

- Dry body brush - $15


Add Time:

- Scalp Massage with Hui Hui Scalp Rescue               (+ 15 mins) - $35

- Foot Massage with Yoga Balm             

(+ 15 mins) - $35

- Face Massage with Knesko Mask 

(+ 15 mins) -Coming soon-

- Back Exfoliation - Dry body brush, scrub, and creme application (+ 15 mins) - $45

- Full Body Exfoliation (+30 mins) - $85


Give the gift of Vayu Spa.  

Vayu Signature Treatments

Vayu Renewal Ritual

Begin this luxurious two hour experience with a soothing foot soak while sipping a cup of superfood tea for immersion into this ultimate relaxation journey.  Dry body brushing is combined with skin-transforming SpaRitual Coconut Sugar Polish followed by massage incorporating nourishing body creme and oils.  Fulfill your wellness needs with selection of grounding Geranium Cedarwood or calming Jasmine Tuberose.


120 min - $250

CBD Renewal Ritual

Vayu Renewal Ritual using Cause + Medic CBD products to further soothe tired, overworked muscles.   

120 min - $250

Couples Renewal Ritual

Enjoy our Vayu Renewal Ritual in the presence of another, side by side in our couples suite.

120 min - $500 per couple

Couples CBD Renewal Ritual

Enjoy our Couples Renewal Ritual using Cause + Medic CBD products to further soothe tired, overworked muscles in the presence of another, side by side in our couples suite. 

120 min - $500 per couple

(Currently Unavailable)

Vayu Signature Facial

Cleansing, renewing, and nourishing...a fully customized facial depending on your skin's needs.  Using the best in nature and technology to enhance and defend the unique skin you're in

60 min - $130, 90 min - $170

Vayu Man Facial

This incredibly relaxing experience will leave your skin feeling refreshed while addressing the impact of daily facial grooming.  Gentleman refined.

60 min - $130 , 90 min - $170

Vayu Express Facial

A refresh sesh for those on the go...a pick-me up between regular treatments

30 min - $90

Microdermabrasion Facial

Vayu Signature facial plus microdermabrasion for deeper exfoliation...revealing optimal skin tone and texture

60 min - $160, 90 min - $200

Leaders of the Future

For the teens who will lead us into experience with focus on the unique needs of changing skin with provided guidance for a lifetime of healthy routines

30 min - $90, 60 min - $130

Add - On Services

LED (incorporated into existing treatment) - Coming Soon

Multivitamin Power Exfoliant or Masque (Incorporated) - $20

Dermaplaning - Coming Soon

Foot Massage (+ 15 mins) -$15

Hand massage (+15 mins) - $15

Scalp Massage (+ 15 mins) - $15

Back Facial (+ 30 mins) -$45

Eye Treatment (Incorporated) - $25

Currently Unavailable
Brows and Lashes

Brow Shape - $30

Brow Tint - $30

Lash Tint - $30

Brow Shape and Tint - $50

Brow and Lash Tint - $50

Lash Lift - $90

Lash Tint and Lift $110


Face Wax - Lip, Chin, Nostril, Sideburns, Ears - $15 each

Underarms - $30

Half Arm - $30

Full Arm - $50

Half Leg - $45

Full Leg - $75

Bikini - $50

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Hours of Operation:

Monday through Sunday 9am to 9pm, by appointment only.  

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